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Rates & Fees

Base Rate$87.42 per month

The base rate recovers the District's fixed costs for maintaining & improving the treatment, storage & distribution system that benefits all customers within District boundaries.

Tier 1 - (0-1145cf)$3.78per 100cf
Tier 2 - (1146-1560cf)$7.27per 100cf
Tier 3 - (1561+ cf)$10.14 per 100cf

The customer is liable for paying for all water that has flowed through the water meter as determined by reading the cubic feet of water recorded by the water meter. 

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Reserve Fee$23.00/mo

Fees collected under this category shall be expended as follows:

  • Acquisition of new equipment or capabilities that do not currently exist within the District 
  • To replace or upgrade existing equipment or capabilities which has exceeded its useful life & is no longer economically feasible to repair
  • To acquire new production, storage or distribution capacity that is required to provide service to the district's service area
  • Debt reduction
Emergency Reserve Fee$7.00/mo

The District's Emergency Reserve is intended to provide funds for disasters or unexpected expenditures for catastrophic failures. Collection of this fee will be reinstated when the balance of this fund reaches its trigger balance.

Miscellaneous Fees

Application Processing Fee$150
Call-Out Fee$25
After Hours Call-Out Fee.$100
Carrying Charge Fee$15
Capacity Expansion Fee$9,000
Certified Mail Fee$35
Cross Connection Late Fee$150
Express Delivery Mail Fee$55
Lien Filing Fee$200
Resumption Of Service Fee$125
Resumption Of Service Fee* (for low income households during normal working hours 8:00 am - 4:30 pm)$50
Returned Check Fee$35
5/8" Meter Installation$700
1" Meter Installation$1,300
2" Meter Installation$4,400
Stand By Fee One Acre Parcel Or Less Assessment$30
Stand By Fee Additional Acre Or Portion Thereof Assessment$10
30-Day Shut Off Notice$3
60-Day Shut off Notice$3
Final Shut Off Notice$35

Note: The aforementioned rates & fees are subject to annual cost of living adjustments as indicated by the change in consumer price index for the previous 12-month period for which data is available, plus any additional costs incurred by the District. The consumer price index to be used shall be the US Cities Average as indicated on the annual April consumer price index for Pacific Cities and the US Cities Average.

Fee Justification